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Originally Posted by czulsk View Post
hahahaha... You went to the suburban area that's why that happen. If you hang out in the big cities locals don't treat foreigners like that. Every time I get outside of the city and visit a suburban or urban area I feel like I'm a celebrity. Everybody stops you and asks for a picture because they rarely see a foreigner go through their town. That's one thing I like about China.

The reason I'm in China is that I applied for a study abroad program in the U.S. to learn Chinese. Now when I'm staying longer and looking for job I'm worried about my hair. There are so many salons and I don't want to come out having an Asian haircut. I know it's only hair and it will grow back. Curly hair takes a long time to grow out.
Hi czulsk,

Hope all is well in China! When I have been abroad, even when living in other remote countries, I have been very careful as to who touches my hair. I have had a few interesting experiences and find that hairstylists, regardless of language, like to understand what they want and not what we want.

As you say, curly hair takes a long time to grow so why not, depending on the length of your stay in China, take this time to let your curls grow? Your curls look good and I am willing to bet that a long style would suit you, so long as you keep it neat.

On the other hand, if you want to get a haircut, my experience has been that telling the hairdresser to only trim with scissors about half an inch allround works. Make sure to use your hands and fingers to tell him/her where exactly you want the trim to be!

Hope that helped.

All the best.
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