re: the baby thing, sarah's guy was the one that blurted out that he wanted a baby first. so then she thought about and was on board. they re-discussed and he said it's what he wants. i think she's bringing it up because men don't always understand women's delicate fertility window, challenges, etc. i totally get what she's saying, if they want to have a baby the window is really narrow with her being 40 right now so even if they are fine with marrying later (for whatever reason), having a kid later might not be an option and yes she has kids but he does not and he said he wants them so i think it was good of her to just say it. if he'd said "i'm not ready right now, i want to do xyz first" then she could have backed off. he said he was ready, i think he is i mean sure those high school buddies got to recalling the "good ole days" but he genuinely seems to enjoy his life now with sarah. looks like from the preview she might be preggie!!!

i really don't know what to think about jasmine/crosby. they both seem to have pulled back because the other seems to "want the best for them" and they think that means not being together. i like dr. joe, nothing really bad to say about him and he's fine as hell but i was sort of put off him asking jasmine to "move in" rather than marry. if you're so sure, marry me! i mean it's not like it's just her, it's jabar too. he deserves a real commitment not just a new address. what do you girls think of that?

oh boy on amber and bob. i totally think he's sincere and i think she's smitten but it's an unequal relationship. it's never a good idea to date your boss even if you're both educated and around the same age. he's ambitious, if the ish hits the fan, i am certain he will chose his career and image over amber, at least publicly. she really can't win in this situation and i wish she were close enough to someone to tell her to 1) go to school and 2) do you job and don't date your boss. it seems her aunt (terrible with the names) will intervene on this since she's been tipped off.
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