Thank you very much, everyone. Fortunately, I like salmon and walnuts. I was exercising pretty regularly when I wasn't working full time, but it's much harder with a f/t job. The exercise accountability thread here on is helpful.

Heart disease doesn't run in my family; cancer kills us so I just figured I could get away with eating a high sat/fat diet since that wasn't likely to kill me anyway. However, I'd like to avoid meds. if possible. I'll be tested again in 3 months. I'm drinking coffee again - I tried to give that up but I just can't restrict everything!
2/c and some 3A.
Protein sensitive but can use occasionally
Highly porous. Color over grey.
Best 1st day method: Super Soaker
Stylers: Mix Curls in a Bottle into everything for shine. Terrible pj
Sometimes try roller sets - classic glamor but I prefer my curls.
Every day is a gift