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Awww, thanks, Nikki3b! That is very sweet of you. Yes, I've been through hell and I'm still trying to fix the damage to my self-esteem. I'm nearly 30 and I still have insecurities about my hair, body image, etc.

What's funny about it is that I live in a place that is considered to be diverse and tolerant of all races/cultures, but there is a lot of racism and prejudice here.

Since childhood, I have been made to feel ashamed of my hair texture. I struggle with feeling ugly and inferior on a daily basis because of the messages I've received. When a girl has been told that she is ugly all her life, she doubts her beauty and her worth.
I agree. I'm just turned 30 and I'm kinda forcing myself to love me and be proud of the way God made me. Regardless of what others may say. What I don't understand is how to people think they can just say anything to people. I had one guy tell me I needed to gain weight that I was too skinny. I told him that I didn't and that I was fine that way I am. He apologized and said I was right. But I wanted to tell him to lose weight etc..
I'm really touchy when people get out of line with me. I suffered for years. I mean all through school. Elementary, middle, and high school. Even a little as an adult but I refuse to spend my life thinkin the worst of myself. Where do you live that is so racist? I won't be going there.
A bit OT but you just turned 30?! Judging from your icon, when I saw your posts around the site I assumed you were my age (I'm 19)!
Lol, I get that a lot. In person people think I'm like. People just dont take me seriously because I look young. I'm a nurse and people don't know how to act when they see that I'm about to stick a needle in their arm 😝
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