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Originally Posted by xocandii View Post
Originally Posted by CraftyKell View Post
I would be a much happier person. I just can't accept the way I look with curly hair.
This ^^

I've had my hair curly for four days and I can't get it off my mind how ugly it looks despite what others say. But, I really want my hair to be healthy again.

If I had straight hair, I'd be one of the happiness girls alive. The things I do to my hair now to try and make it silky, I have no doubt I couldn't achieve that with naturally straight hair.

But, of course this would be if I was granted straight hair today and not born with it. If I was born with naturally straight, I'd be one of those people who say how they wished they had curly hair without knowing how frustrating it is.

Sorry for the negative response, I'm just angry that I'm the only one in my family with curly hair :X
You should be grateful for what you born with.. people would probably give anything for your curls, curly hair is waaay prettier than damaged straight hair.

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