I don't understand it either, kat.

I remember when tv schedules were as follows: new shows in order with no breaks from sept thru may. Reruns of those same shows from june thru august. Shows were on the same day same time same channel for their entire run. Rinse and repeat every year for 50 years or so. But for the last 5 years or so it's a struggle to know what's on when on what channel for how long.
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Its incredibly annoying to have a break, watch an episode or two and then have another month long break. You don't know when or what time they are starting up again and end up missing things, or just not caring about plot lines anymore. Sigh.

I see no logic for it.

Im just cranky because no more Vampire Diaries for a while means no more Klaus
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Part of it is that November, February, and May are "sweeps" months, when they do more tracking of viewership of shows. So most shows save episodes for sweeps, so they get good ratings.

Yes, it's stupid.