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Hi, Im a newbbie too...
I am a guy, I know its not so usual to see guys in forums like this, but, well, I have veeery curly hair (right in the middle between 3c and 4a according to what Ive read9. And as you all know curly heads its a fight against frizz and dryness and all those horrible enemies we had, so I thought it would be a good idea to hear something from people who have been having the same issues...
I actually happened to hate my hair, and the funny thing is that I looooved curls in other people, but mine looked so awful, until one day I really found my hidden beautiful curls when I started using Redken smooth down range and Tigi Curls **** Amplifier, it was like wtf! Miracles happenhahaha. But, now I guess the formula was changed or something because Tigi products are not working as they used for me...
So Im here to learn more about taking care my curls and know about more miracle products.
I hope I hadnt bored you, and Im sorry for my english, Im from South America, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Im doing my best to writing this in english... :s
Well, youll hear from me and all my questions
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