my sister,

you have lovely hair and a lovely appearance. me and my African, mixed race and Caucasian friends think so. we looked at your pictures.

you do not need to change it unless you really want to. just learn how to take care of it. i always knew i had good hair, i just had to learn how to take care of it. once i learned, it became so easy.

most people do not think too much about the appearance of your hair as long as it looks neat. everybody has more important things like work or schoolwork or business to think about. but most of the people I spend time with, have a Godly conservative background and such people are nice & tend to be successful.

when you are in public know that some people judge others by appearances, so if you are in a professional setting make yourself look professional and no one will bother you. i have been lucky to have mostly good experiences with my hair.

good luck to you as you learn more about yourself.