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Default Weightloss Progress....A story in pictures

As are pictures of my weightloss journey. I'm going to break these up into a few posts because I can't figure out how to resize the pictures to make them smaller.

First off....the dreaded before picture.

*Picture removed by user*

This was at the hotel as I was getting dressed for a close friends wedding July 4th weekend. I really didn't want to go to the wedding because I didn't feel attractive at ALL but I sucked it up and went.

*Picture removed by user*

This was 8 weeks into the the MLK memorial dedication on 10/15/11. I was tired and funky after walking all over the national mall that day with my friends who were in town for the dedication.

*Picture removed by user*

11/7/12...down about 58 pounds and 11 weeks into the process.

*Picture removed by user*

13 weeks into this journey, Thanksgiving day to be exact. I was down about 68 pounds at this point.
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