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Mmm, skeptical. In the dry winter air, a shot of ambient humidity more like spring/summer (i.e. give the dog a lukewarm bath with the door closed, visit indoor botanical garden) is a good thing. But to do something like put my hair in the diffuse vapor of my (warm mist) humidifier would overwhelm it with water droplets. I actually have one of those "ionic steam hot roller" thingies, maybe I'll try the steamer part to refresh my hair...
To me there's a huge difference between bona fide humidity and mist. The former is my friend, the latter is not. As soon as you leave the microclimate of the little misting tool, your hair will begin losing moisture to the air around it. I think they need to do a lot of post-marketing research, taking some measurements (how much do curls shrink, what is the change in wavelength or curl diameter, how long does the change persist and in what sort of relative humidities) to get the doubters and people who usually spray their hair with water to refresh for a pittance to part with $70 for a better mousetrap.

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