Ok, I'm glad they showed the reactions of the dumped cellist and Dr. Jo. I missed some parts and I was like wtf???? Why didn't they show that? I'll probably rewatch that part later online. Was it towards the beginning?

Great episode!

I couldn't tell if Joel and Julia knew how old the boy was going to be or not. That's definitely something the woman should have told them upfront though...they just don't leave stuff like that out in real life. Alas, this is T.V. Zooey's scene was touching. I'm glad she gave her back the watch. I wonder if we will ever see her again. I wonder how Sydney will react to a sibling that age. We already saw that she could turn on the spoiled brat, so I wonder if they will explore her jealously or feeling sort of abandoned in favor of them giving the new son extra attention. This show is also really good at getting to the emotional stuff so I wonder how much of an adjustment it will be for the kid (Victor???) I hope he doesn't reject Julia in fear of betraying his birth mother....Julia's already been through so much.

Jasmine looked gorgeous and the wedding was lovely. I'm really happy about it and I'm glad they ended up together. They all looked so happy.

I liked Adam's speech especially since he made up with Crosby during it! I also like that he mentioned Kristina being such a great wife. I really like their relationship dynamic.

I half expected Crosby and Jasmine to ride off all happily and then fall into a ditch or get run of the road by a semi or something devastatingly tragic. That's the kind of cliffhanger that usually happens at the end of a season finale in nighttime dramas. Super glad they didn't take it that way. There's something different about this show and that's why I think I like it.