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Originally Posted by AmberBrown View Post

I might as well have bought Pink Oil Moisturizer. This isht is wack. And it's STANK.

I did a twistout with the Pudding. First off, the crap has NO slip. I finger detangled my hair in the shower so I expected to breeze through a final detangling with the TT and pudding before twisting. FALLACY. I would have been better off combing with plain water.

After takedown my hair is greasy and dry (and it STANKS like old lady perfume). If I didn't have homework I would rewash RIGHT NOW.

I wish I could find the creators and dump the pudding over their heads. I'm like irrationally upset by this lol. I think I feel duped because the line is advertised along the same vein as a lot of the "new" natural hair products but the it's really more of the same old Softee grease in prettier packaging.
I know you are disappointed with the product but your post was just hilarious .
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