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Default Just wanted to share my never fail 2nd day routine!

Hey darlin's!

I have such hideous luck with 2nd day hair. But, I put up with it because I would just rather sleep in.

However, lately, I have really been digging my 2nd day hair. It all started when I was really frustrated with my hair a couple of weeks back. I ended up getting a haircut which helped enormously, and I went with my gut and started really focusing on products that would help with shutting out the humidity.

Anyway, back to the point, I finally discovered a second day routine that almost looks as good as the first. I scrunch in CCCC Lite, and then scrunch Pattern Pusha in on top. That's it! Nothing else. No pomades, no water, no protein spray. I discovered it totally by accident and then did some experimentation and it is truly just these two products scrunched into dry hair the next day. I have a little extra volume and my curls perk right back up! It is a teeeny bit producty feeling as compared to my first day hair (ouidad climate control gel), but it looks so good I don't care.

Just thought I'd share in case it works for someone else!
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