No HRT here. I'm 18 months into my menopause (at age 48...50 now), and my hot flashes have dwindled substantially. I'm only having maybe 1 or 2 a week. Very managable. That might just be because it's winter though. I'm thinking they may come back more in the summer, as heat seemed to really exacerbate them last summer. We'll see. I've found I can ward off the flashes if I catch them early, before they have the chance to become a progressive vicious cycle of sweating and freezing. I have a multitude of gadgets to keep me cool if I feel one coming on. My kids laugh at me, but I keep a "menopause survival kit" in a small insulated lunch bag that I take with me most places. It has my battery-operated fan, a couple washcloths, cologne, and neck chillers in it. I have a "cooling pad" that I bought at the pharmacy, that I place under me when sleeping if I'm having a hot night. I shower or bathe EVERY night before bed (and again in the morning), because I sleep so much better if I'm clean and calm. Getting enough sleep seems to be crucial in avoiding excessive flashes. I get more when I'm tired, so I try not to be tired.