Oh my god, do you have a fro? *stupid look*

-_- really It's like me asking a brunette if their hair is brown. DUH! XP

Does your hair grow that curly?

*super sarcastic voice* No, every morning i get up and wrap every peice around a pencil. (most are smaller, but I can't think of anything smaller at the moment)

Them: Do you like your fro?

Me: Yes.

Them: Why don't you straiten it?


Why don't you pick it out? That would be SO awesome!

and painful and time consuming and did i mention PAINFUL? I did? oh, well then....

But you should pick it out!

Oh, and by another biracial girl--> Your hair is so curly! DOn't you hate it?

I was like ARE YOU INSAINE WOMAN?!?!?!?! on the inside, but out side all i said was no. XD
3C/4A mix
Fineish hair
Super short, needs definition
Also, fuzzy as hell