I had one session of laser treatment on some capillaries on my nose, face and decolletage about 7 years ago, when I was about 35.

There was only one stubborn capillary that came back right away, a larger right next to my nose. The technician said that one might need more than one treatment and she was right. I never did go back to get it done, because overall I felt really good about the results. My decolletage was especially improved. I had some rather large and unsightly ones there that looked like zits and I was always very self conscious about them. Those were what drove me to seek laser treatment, it wasn't until I was in the chair they asked me if I wanted to get the nose done too.

I can no longer remember if I had IPL or another method. I do remember it was described the same way, like rubber bands snapped against the skin, and that's exactly how it felt *except for the nose area. They told me the nose area is very sensitive and would feel very painful and they were right! It also bruised a lot more in healing. However, it really was worth it, because that treatment has lasted a very long time. I'm starting to see more of them creep in, but nowhere near as bad. I might go back in 1-3 years for another treatment.

Highly recommend! Glad you're enjoying your results, rou!