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This is my frizz exactly. Can someone name this and offer solutions, por favor, please!! This has been my case since I've been using KCCC and coconut oil. I have med-coarse hair.

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wow! Lots of frizz types!!!! I need to read it again, i dunno which type of frizz i have!

I am shamelessly bumping this thread, because this is the kind of frizz I'm still getting, and I donno what kind it is, what's causing it, or how to fix it!
What products are you using? For me this type of frizz occurs when I use a combo of mag. sulfate (salt) and oil. Or something with honey. Marshmallow root contains "sugars" as well, so that could be it.

To solve it: try using an oil first on wet hair, for sealing and clumping evenly, then another product for curlformation and/or a gel.
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