[QUOTE=yossarian;1905460] As for the campaign spending, the outrage that has been generated by Citizens United is over the realization that a few extremely wealthy individuals can easily outspend the other 305 million American citizens, thus distorting the democratic process. Four individuals have already pledged to spend at least $300 million to support the Republican candidate.[QUOTE]

...and we have prescription drug shortages for many medications, including childrens' leukemia meds... Every time I hear the spending numbers, all I can think of is all the hospitals that could benefit from that kind of money.

And it's all a game to these people. They are paying for attempts at brainwashing the very people who are victims of their own greed. (Every political party does this, of course, but the Repuplican funders are taking the cake these days). The irony is that all this money is to pay for advertising the possible candidacy of people who claim they want to stabilize spending.
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