Curlyev - Haha - we can be "test subjects" and compare results! Your curls look gorgeous! I love the color, too. (I demi-permanent color my hair to try to get your color!) Before I decided to wear my hair curly I dreaded humidity SO much. Now I actually prefer any humidity to dryness (for hair), which sounds crazy, I know. I guess it's mostly because I've learned how to work with curls in humidity and moderate dew points. Last time I was in AZ, I felt like I had less hair, and my hair had no "zing". I was using my "usual" products, and not trying to modify for the 4 degree dew point. I always notice curls now, and it seemed like there were way fewer curly heads in AZ than I see here in SoCal. (Maybe I'm just paranoid about moving to another state after living here for 24 years...)

I know you love Sally's the way I do. Have you tried the Ion Curl Shaping Creme? I'm loving it these days. It's actually better for keeping bounce in my curls than KCCC.
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