Hey curl twin!!! Thank you for your sweet compliments! My hair can handle humidity during the Summer, but it takes Spring to adjust. It really is better than dry though, I agree. I have not tried the ION curl shaping creme, but I definitely will! I need (okay want) to go to Sally's anyway!!! Any other "must tries?"
-3A, fine, very thick, normal por., normal elast., long, dye- free (CG since Nov. '11)
-CO (As needed): Suave Nat. (usually strawberry) or GVP The Detangler and air dry
-Low poo (As needed): Giovanni 50/50
-RO: GVP CB (experimenting with GVP The Detangler)
-LI: Giovanni DLI or a tiny bit of my co-wash or RO (sometimes none)
-Styling: BYZ Noodle Head Tame your Curls Mousse
-PT: ION Effective Care