Hi everyone! My name is Samantha, you can call me Sam also. I am new to this site, but so happy to join! I hope I'm starting this thread in the correct place, if not, please let me know. Well, a few weeks ago I had purchased the book Curly Girl Method by Lorraine Massey; thus, I've been going no-poo for these past few weeks and I love it. However, I have been having a lot of others problems. First, it is extremely hard to go without a comb. I can't use my fingers only bc the frizz is insane! I can already see the frizz when my hair is dripping wet! So how can I decrease this? I follow every single step to the curly girl method and even leave my conditioner in my hair for the moisture. Second, is it really bad to use a wide tooth comb in the shower with leave in conditioner in? I just feel that my fingers do not properly comb through my hair. Lastly, part of the curly girl method is using gel once you get out of the shower, well, I have used two different types and Idk if I like either of them. I used loreal no sulfate or alcohol gel and I didn't like it bc you can see the thick film over the gel and it wasn't even clear. Then I decided to get frizz ease gel, which was clear, but I noticed it left a sticky feel on my hands. Is there any tips on using gel the right way? I hate the crystalized form it leaves after it dries. I just want soft, volmptious curls. Im sorry for the long post but I finally have people that can help me. I am so new to being all natural and keeping the straigteners, curling irons, etc away. Also, very important, I am a type 3A hair, better yet, a mixture of botticelli, corckscrew, and corkicelli. (<--- these are from the curly girl method book if you read it) THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!