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Originally Posted by CurliLocks View Post
Yes, RC Color is safe to use over other brands (but not henna). It is easy to do on your own, it mixes to a mousse foam. You won't get green hair! LMK which swatches match your natural color, dyed color, and what you'd like, and I can help you choose a color too.

Remember to always choose a couple of shades lighter than you think you want, as most haircolor goes darker on curly hair.
Thanks so much, CurliLocks! My natural color is a dark brown; one stylist told me that it's a "Level 5 or 6" in terms of color. In looking at the RC swatches, I think I'm probably close to their Chocolate Brown or Dark Brown colors.

My current stylist has been dying it red since December, and I really like it. Would the RC colors of Titian or Medium Auburn work for me? (I've had it a mahogany red color before, but didn't like it as much as I like a more subtle red.)

Thank you, thank you!
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