You're welcome! Your avatar pic looks close to my color, and I use Golden Chestnut to cover gray and blend into warm highlights. So your natural color is darker than that but your color lightens it? You could try the medium auburn, Medium Auburn is an orange based, warm color.

Just be sure to do some strand tests to make sure it isn't too red or dark for you, and to see how long you'll need to leave it for your best color. LMK if you try it!
Originally Posted by CurliLocks
Thank you so much -- that helps a lot! My natural color is quite a bit darker than it is in my avatar pic, and I've always gone lighter with it. (I'm so pale that my natural dark brown really washes me out!)

I probably won't give it a try until I'm on summer break, but think I'll order the RC colors now anyways. I'll definitely keep you posted! Thanks!!
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