I've been a curly girl for over a month now and my hair still doesn't do ANYTHING right. its still frizzy, knots disgustingly, and the crown of hair has waves yet underneath, near the nape of my neck has tight, spiral curls. I have wasted so much money on so many hair items and nothing works except one thing: shea moisture, curl smoothie. I don't have money to spend $15 on a small bottle of conditioner just to find out it sucks. I can only afford the bad cheap brands for now. I am at a lost. I want to say screw it and just go back to straightening and curling my hair with the curling iron. But for some reason I keep trying and failing. I want to shave it all off. My hair sends me crying and when I ask for advice, look for advice it's all about more products I need to buy and I cant waste money! Ive already thrown away about 10 products that dont work for nothing. I don't understand what Im doing wrong. I only wash with conditioner (Tresseme curly line) and I finger comb, occasionally comb with a wide tooth comb. I wash my scalp and throughly wash my hair with the conditioner. When out of shower I lightly pat dry with cotton shirt. I then use my shea moisture to run through my hair to revent frizz. I either air dry, occasionally diffuse, or I wrap my hair in cotton t shirt until dries yet its still ugly. Im at a loss and may just say good bye to being a curly girl bc clearly its not meant for me