Hello fellow curlies!
To say I am frustrated would be the understatement of the year. In December I had my hair cut and highlighted by a Deva stylist. He did an AMAZING job; literally the first time I havent left a salon and immediately pulled my hair up. I purchased DevaCurl foaming mousse-LOVE it. However, at over $20 a pop, its not too realistic to keep my shelves stocked with it. So I came to these boards to seek product guidance and CG wisdom but have had no luck in making my hair look good. I used to get daily compliments on my hair...since December, I have gotten 2 (both times after using "old" product while out of town). Here is the laundry list of what I have tried:
Garnier Triple Nourish Conditioner (hair feels like straw)
Suave Naturals Coconut (decent conditioning)
GVP Conditioning Balm (decent)
GVP Leave in (love this)
Bioterra Styling Gel (hair is crunchy, curls are flat)
Bioterra Curl Creme (if I apply it before gel, its like it makes my hair too soft; if I apply it after blowdrying in an attempt to get rid of the crunch, it gets rid of all definition, regardless of amt used)
Dep gel (crunchy ugly straw on my head)
Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Mousse (loved it when I wasnt CG-now, I am left with lifeless, flat, stringy curls)
As I Am Moisture Milk (just got it this weekend so I dont know how I feel)
Garnier Full Control Anti-humidity hairspray (I like this HS).

I use Deva No Poo every two weeks...hate it. I have build up on my scalp and it does nothing for it. Prior to trying the CG method, I didnt use shampoo so that transition wasnt difficult. I condition my hair daily, use a wide tooth comb in the shower (finger combing = rats nest), put in leave in and scrunch out the water w a microfiber towel. I then apply my product (I do use the Deva Curl method of applying product) and blow dry with an ion drier and big ol' diffuser. Not blow drying isnt an option...going to work with wet hair is frowned upon. I blow dry in sections using the pixie method. I am then left with ugly hair. I have more frizz than before and my roots are beyond flat. My curls are 3B/Botticelli, past my shoulders and thick. I dont know if its the products or blow drying technique. I have searched for a curl revitalizing product (similar to John Frieda Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Cream which I hoarded when I was pre-CG), thinking that if I scrunched that in after drying, I would get better results. Which is why I bought the moisture milk, but like I said, I dont know if I like it yet. Please help...I apologize for the long post but I am about to give up on this and go back to silicones, turbie twist towels and seemingly pretty hair. Thank you for your help

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