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When I was in HS and got into a top ten university via early decision, this guy I had known since elementary school and we used to compete with each other about grades (like, we would make fun of the other if they got a 99 on a test when our score was a 104 - yes, we were that nerdy) told me that I only got in because of affirmative action because one of our other good friends (a white girl) didn't get in and we had similar GPAs and test scores. We're still cool, but I'll never forget that he said that. It was a shining moment like, "Yep, thanks. I see how it is."
Similar things have happened to me basically all of my academic career. When I got into an exclusive magnet high school in my city, when I got into a 5-week scholars program, when I got a scholarship to college...and many others. Each time there was someone around to basically say that I only got it because of my race when I KNOW that I worked hard to get where I am.

Another time one of my friends was complaining that she didn't into a certain pre-med scholars program because they needed to pick Indians to help with diversity. I still think about her comment all the time. She didn't for one second stop to think that maybe all those "Indians" that were picked for the program were just better applicants than she was. There was no way that the reason they were picked was that they were better, in her opinion. Ughhh

Maybe it's a coping mechanism to deal with their own rejection????
But then that's just an excuse...
Yep, people use the aff action accusation as an excuse for being an underachieving slacker. Whenever confronted with that bull, I laughed and kept it moving. See, because no matter what they say to you, you did it (got in, got the scholly, etc.) and they didn't. Ha!

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