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Originally Posted by CurlyFireHorse View Post
It works. I put it on my head at night before bedtime (just rubbed some in my scalp) then in the morning I would wash my hair and fix as normal. Within a month, I had a lot of new growth.
This was pre CG. I still do it if I start getting those painful little bumps (very rare since going CG). I think it worked because those bumps may be caused by a fungus. HTH
Originally Posted by Mwah Lynx View Post
Ooh yes this totally works! It gave me over an inch in one month when I used this. Basically, the way I used this is I applied the cream to parted areas of my scalp once a day.
A way this works is by inhibiting the natural fungus that lives on your scalp which in turn creates a better environment for your hair to grow.

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Do you have to wash it out everyday?
Does it leave a white film when used with normal styling products?
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