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I think all this cry for more rules is going to come back and bite everyone on the arse.

Half the time members are complaining that they aren't children and dont need to be parented, now members are looking for clear cut, explained rules and guidelines. I feel like I'm going to be given a school handbook.

People are going to keep complaining, only this time they'll be complaining about over-moderation. Mark MY words.

I agree. I don't want more rules. I didn't want the "rule" that said I couldn't quote something verbatim/unembellished in my signature either.
I have never had a problem with the moderation of this board. I think theyre human and do what they can. I think some people are overly rude and hostile, and we have to focus on avoiding or ignoring them. I dont think every sarcastic or mistaken word needs a punishment. In another words, people will be mean in this world. Learn to pull up your panties and handle it like a big girl.

I'm with you.

I wonder if it's time to drag out the Big Girl Panties again...

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