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I agree Brio, and this show in particular annoys me, because they ALWAYS include cosmetic tinkering of some kind, which is a bit of a rip off. Calling it Ten Years Younger, then performing nip and tuck to achieve that doesn't really amaze, or appeal. How many of us can actually afford to get these things done, even if we wanted to?

None of us want to look older, but more and more we are starting to feel like these surgical procedures are normal and natural for women wanting to look younger. If they get really popular I'm going to be the only person who looks my age, and all my friends will be these young hotties.

WHY is beauty equated with youth.... :x It makes people feel ashamed to look as though they have lived a long time. In fact, surely that is something to celebrate, not disguise...

Sorry, I'll get off my soap box now....
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