This legit cracked me up:

Honestly, very little. To raise a great family, or a healthy one, or whatever, definitely. But I can’t be the only one that ever saw a parent with a kid wearing filthy clothes too big and/or too small, hair unbrushed, no school supplies, rotting teeth, and zero basic social skills. I know people that put less effort into their kids they do their dogs–and most of those kids survive. They even become doctors and lawyers despite their neglect or even outright abuse. A friend of mine? Her parents used to pass out drunk in the living room around 5pm, so she would feed, diaper, and put to bed her 3 siblings. She grew up to be a nurse in spite of the fact her parents are ****ty drunk neglectful tools. Or maybe because of it.

Sure, if every parent in the world stopped doing their thing, it would probably be bad. You know what else would be horrifically bad? If ever person in the world stopped pooping in the toilet and started pooping in the streets. That would actually be worse faster, and kill me sooner. But we don’t talk about how not pooping in the drinking water is the most IMPORTANT RESPONSIBILITY IN THE WORLD, despite people all over the world, do, in fact, accidentally poop in the water and then people die. Not dumping **** in the streets is really one of the greatest brainchildren of modern civilization.

Being a halfway decent parent is work, and it’s challenging work. And it’s valuable work. But you are not the most important person in the world, you are not doing the hardest job in the world, and convincing yourself that you are is just silly. I mean, I’m not going to stop anyone who wants to say that, but they do look like a bit of a silly tit talking about how the fate of the ENTIRE WORLD rests on how s/he raises little Johnny. Little Johnny could vanish from the face of the world and it would keep on turnin’. That’s kind of the definition of, “not most important job/thing/person in the world”.