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I ain't seen nothin Kinky-Curly in Target except for Come Clean. It's as if naturals are on a Kinky-Curly warpath now because I went to three Targets and couldn't find a bottle of Knot Today anywhere, and when I finally found the last one this woman who had to be in her forties ran up, snatched it off the shelf, and glared at me. I was so confused.

If I see this though, I might have to check it out. I found my HG oil in Curls Blissful Lengths Kukinut hair oil though, so I might sample someone else's bottle first.
lmaoooo @some1 snatching the product
Girlllll she was real serious too. It was hilarious.
Thought in her mind: "NO ma'am! MINE!"

Thought in your mind: O....Kaaaaay..."


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