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Default sometimes overcond. my ... fav light moisturize to brush into fine, dry hair?

so what's your favorite what to moisturize, impart body and shine to fine hair?

no but forreal i don't like how weighed down and drab it has been since i've had alopecia . . .

recently been using no protein, hardly any heat, just shea moisture body wash, devacurl no-poo, and matrix defrizzing condition (which i love!!). Currently waiting on my last hg poo, but I am still curious.
2a-b, medium porosity, fine texture
former straightening junkie; converting to cg
low-poo: everyday shea body wash, ao gbp
cowash: none yet. used to use gf long and trong.

conditioner: ao h/s rose (sstill searching for that perfect 'dish/ leave in)
products: nothin' good :/ will update if i do! <3 but

i diffuse to stop stylin'. lol.
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