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Originally Posted by Auntie Bubbs View Post
Ok, good to know. Does it need to be heavily distributed (like FSG), i.e., saturated in the hair? I read somewhere else that sectioning the hair and distributing it in that way works well. I don't normally section my hair, but I apply FSG in sections, if that makes sense. I apply it into the ends first, then flip rightside up and apply it into each side, into the back part, and into the crown, then back over and into the ends again.
I wonder if this method will work with QH jelly?
I do rough sections like just in 3 - the back then the split in thr front (2 sections). Still like it although did have the same luck with the conditioner...
3B/C ; Suave Coconut Co-wash/LA Looks Gel or KCCC w/ KCKT (during the cooler months); I use Coconut &/or EVOO (Olive Oil) for Deep Conditioning.
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