Im only 2 years into my hair growth challenge of growing it for 10 years without a cut. (I started 2 years ago with a skin bald head) ... I want to try something different. Perhaps a new way of wearing or maybe try some new products.

I still have 8 years to go before I can get my ends clipped. So cutting is not an option.

I have some gray hair that's coming in wonderfully and was thinking of getting some gray highlights to make the color pop more.

My current routine:
1. No cones or sulfates
2. Only detangle once a month
3. I cowash 5 times a week
4. I add a cup of coconut oil to my Tresemme Naturals Moisture conditioner bottle and use it as my Rinse In (Ri), use as my Rinse Out (Ro), and also use as my styling agent Leave In (Li)
5. I don't deep condition because I don't want to over moisturize.
6. I do a protein treatment whenever my bottle of conditioner runs out. I use the VO5 split ends conditioner as my protein treatment. It's supposed to just be for ends but I use it all over because it's enriched with Keratin protein.
7. Put in a bun and wear till my next wash.
8. CoWash always starts with rinsing out the product from my last cowash.
9. If I notice too much buildup I will shampoo my scalp and rinse it out through my hair.

Any ideas for how I can modify my routine? I am thinking of wearing my curls out more. Perhaps try a style that pulls the curls forward to my face.

Also, I'm getting my hair blog together.

Just a guy with long curly hair

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