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+1 to this soooo glad you said this amandamarie! This especially has been my own experience (as a lesbian dating bisexual woman). I hope this doest offend anyone its just my personal experience but.... I generally do not date bisexual woman as a rule anymore because i find it to be far to complicated. i have even had bisexual woman ask me if i can be there 'bit on the side' whilst they date men because for some reason i don't count as much or I am somewhat lacking in some way which means they cant be in a real relationship. For me its hard to find a genuine bisexual girl that wouldn't discount me for a man.
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I don't know about anyone else, but that didnt offend me; everyone has different experiences and just because I may not agree with your experience doesn't mean it's not valid. My question to you is, what do you mean you find dating bisexual women far too complicated? I think, if your relationship with your partner ends, you could open the possibility of dating a bisexual woman but still be very cautious, by only being open to that possibility with bisexual women who are interested in actually dating a lesbian, not simply the sexual aspect.

Even though I can't exactly discount all the negative experiences with bisexual women you've had, but personally, I would never have anyone on the side (man or woman) because that would be disrespectful to my primary partner. I'm bisexual, and I'm attracted to women in terms of both sexually and as far as a relationship. I would be equally happy in a relationship with a woman as a man. I appreciate your experience, as it's important to know both good and bad experiences (not just good ones), but I hope I've been able to show that not all bisexuals are like the ones you've encountered.
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Im glad that this didnt offend... I re read it back and wasnt sure if it sounded like i was bashing all bisexual people. Im not... And like you said it is all very personal experience. I have only ever had bad experiences with bi woman and was left truly broken hearted by one (the one that wanted to have me on the side instead) but yes not all experiances are bad!!

In answer to your question i find dating bisexual woman complicated because... They have feelings for both sexes I always felt they were either comparing me to male past or that there would be always something missing for that woman (this feeling is particularly strong after being past over or dumped for men in the past) I dont know if that makes sense i am struggling a little to get how i feel about it down on paper. I do agree with your point tho...i think i would maybe be open to dating a bisexual woman that is only interested in dating a lesbian rather than the sexual aspects... but sighhhhh must never find these girls!!
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