@frmpresstocurly Thanks for the response! My hair has, surprisingly, not been dry at all. I can SEE the color change, and I'm really excited to do a henna gloss soon ! The only issue I have with dryness--and seriously, pain--has been with my scalp. The top of my head and my sideburns hurt terribly, and feel really raw. I've been running cool water and massaging in shea butter!

@parislarue I totally know what you mean! The first few inches of my hair (the top) has some awesome, relaxed curl parts. It's also a shade lighter than the rest of my head... Everything else is dense, foam-like, and the worse part of my head. Your hair sounds much worse though - 3c - 10Z! lol!

Nicci32 I've been scared to try henna for years. I've seen it, but it looked like a "process"... Not just changing the hair, but a serious production! I'm not a 4a/b genius... But properties I've read: shiny, softer hair. Well conditioned, richer color... About the Amla, I heard that it "enhances curl" so I ran away from that! I'm sure someone will post more about it here!
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