OK - I'm gonna go for it.

How did the powers that be get the idea that cursing was a problem? How is that at all related to the concerns about racism, bullying, etc. that were raised? Do you all realize that focussing on this now makes it look as if you either missed the concerns raised, or do not give a darn about them, or are woring to actively spite and undermine them?

We are the customers or potential customers - do you believe that we are here on sufferance at the owners' privilege, or do our wants and needs actually matter and do we have a right to raise them?

As to cursing, my understanding of why people circumvent the censors is that cursing is more or less offensive depending on the context. Hence, someone venting that they had a (expletive) day, or someone else in their real life treats them like (expletive) or their medical condition makes them feel like (expletive) is less problematic than member A telling member B she is a piece of (expletive) and a (expletive) and she should go (expletive.) Are we now not seeing a difference?

As to racist or other -ist commentary, are we now going to be looking just at the words in and of themselves, or will context still matter? For example, let's say a sarcastic comment is made in response to someone else's questionable statement - i.e. someone says that maybe Trayvon Martin was up to no good, and I respond "Yes, maybe he was, because everyone knows that a young Black man would only be out on the streets at night to rob and shoot someone. They should just go ahead and kill all the young Black men now to keep everyone safe." OBVIOUSLY that would be sarcasm - but could my post be reported and censored, or I be warned or banned, because without the context the words appear racist? If the context will be considered, then why not for swearing?
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