I would love to! Having someone to talk to about it will be great. And it will make me feel like I HAVE to do the workout cuz I don't wana come back to the thread lying n saying I did lol.

I'm giving myself a break (lol like I really need one) and I will probably start back up on Monday or Tuesday. I'll stick to the first workout cuz I watched the second and it looks so much harder!

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Originally Posted by B-Nessa11
Lol. Sounds good! I am actually taking a break myself. After I went to the doc I had a sono the next day and found out I have a tumor in my uterus. On the positive side at least I know what's causing the pain but on the other hand I am stuck popping pain pills and will eventually have surgery.

It does seem to be getting a little better tho so I'm hoping when I follow up w/my doc in the next day or so I will be ready to a least start back working out soon so next week sounds like a good starting point!
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