I have had some less than awesome sex, but I've never been with a man like that. That sounds more like the problem is not having enough experience. Sure, those men might get their ideas from porn, but if they had actual sex with real women on a regular basis, it wouldn't matter how much porn they watched.

Of course, it could also be that so many women just put up with bad sex that there's no way those men could know any better. Speaking to some women irl and reading online about many women's attitudes and experiences about sex, I suspect that that's more likely the case.

I really think one of the most important qualities that makes a good lover is the ability to give and take direction well. So if something isn't working for you, speak up. If he doesn't listen, then play time is over. Do that enough times and he'll figure out that he can't just get off without taking your pleasure into account. Never let a man think he's great at sex when he's not--when you're done with him he'll take his "skills" to another unsuspecting woman.
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