So I went out with a new guy from OkC last night. I can tell already that I feel a friend vibe for him but nothing more (he's smaller than me, and I'm pretty small, and some other physical stuff I just can't get down with). Thing is, he already planned to introduce me to his friend who DJs and is looking for other DJs to sub for him (I DJ too). I'm supposed to meet the OkC guy at the bar where his friend DJs tomorrow so we can meet. I guess I'm a little nervous because the guy made it clear he's interested in continuing to date, and I haven't said anything yet, and I hope that when I do (tomorrow) it won't affect my potential new gig/professional relationship with his friend. It's not rude of me to go ahead and see about the gig is it?
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Medium-high density, fine-medium, low-normal porosity, 3b/c, permanent color.
CG, no heat, combs, brushes, parabens.
Fall/Winter HG=Alba Botanica Soft Hold Style Cream.
Spring/Summer HG=MGA Sculpting Gel
Current fave LI=Madre Labs Made by Nature for Baby Conditioner.
Limit oils, butters, glycerin.