I don't know what area you live in but I'm in the DC metro area and I've had a Deva cut twice at Fiddleheads Salon. The first time I went I was four months natural and wore a wash n go. The cut was done very slowly and turned out nice and even all around. The styling, however, was abysmal. There was no curl definition to be found in my whole head and the Deva Care products made my hair feel waxy. It seemed like the stylist just thought, "She's Black. She likes Afros," so she decided to pick my hair out (with her hands) and separate and fluff up my curls as much as possible. I was not happy. (-__-)

The second time I went was in February, just before my one year BC anniversary. This time I wore a twist out, hoping the way I came with my hair styled would give the stylist (I went to the same person) some idea of how I like to wear my hair. Having my hair stretched allowed her to get through my cut much faster this time, but she did the exact same thing when it came time to style. Just separated my curls as much as possible to give me a big ass afro. And now I'm realizing she cut one side too short because it hangs shorter with my two strand twists. I was pissed that even with my hair having a full 8 months of growth, she still couldn't find a style other than a picked out afro to give me. And obviously going to her with my hair stretched was a bad idea because now I have to grow my hair out with the intention of cutting it again, just to make it even.

Sorry, for the long response, but I wanted to be accurate. This is just my experience with one stylist in one area, so things could be totally different for you. I just know I won't be going back to that stylist if I ever choose to go to that establishment again. I'll probably cut my hair myself, using two strand twists. If you do choose to go, I say wear a wash n go so they can see exactly how much your hair shrinks. HTH.

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