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Default The right haircut helps! So glad I found this board.

Over on CurlSalons, I found a recommendation for a local stylist who "knows" curl. I've been trying to encourage my curl instead of fighting it (MUCH easier and prettier) and hoped a much needed cut would help.

Treated my 12 year old as well, as she loves to straighten her beautiful, thick, blonde 2c hair - the horror!

The stylist did a wonderful job with us both; decided on the best cuts, explaining what she was doing and why, and teaching us both how to care for and style our curls. Yeah, she used a diffuser AND a product (which I bought) that's full of nasty stuff but dang if it didn't work!

We both walked out of there with beautiful curls! I took my daughter to lunch and couldn't help noticing all the girls her age with straightened hair trying to be "cool" about checking out her gorgeous curls!
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