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Originally Posted by triple_spiral View Post
So the first two were my hair before, my problems was that it was tangling every where (maybe heat damage from over-diffusing), very frizzy, super super flat on top and in the back. And the shape was very blah and boring and triangular.

The post pics are after my first time washing and styling it myself the next day. I did freak a little about having it so short again, but my stylist and I talked mostly about giving me more volume and layers and shape, length was never a priority for me. Also it's been so hot today that I was glad to have the hair off! Also, though he did take alot off (I can't pull it back into a ponytail anymore!) people say it doesn't look that much shorter, though maybe they're just humoring me lol

Overall I'm very happy with it. If it grows out as well as my last devacut I shouldn't need another for about 8 or 9 months....
Looks great! I'm starting to get really excited for this

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