I've dated two guys who told me my hair looked nice when it was straight, but they also liked playing with the curls. One of them has curly hair, too, so he can't be one to talk! I don't think they really meant anything by it, and hey, we're still friends.

If any guy kept telling me I'd look better in a way that I wasn't already looking, I'd think twice about being with him. But seriously, some guys just need to get over themselves! I think guy number two was sensitive about his hair. I kept telling him it was red, but he always insisted on auburn. He's definitely more vain than half of my girl friends.
3a/3b mix of ringlets and spiral curls
BWC Rosemary Mint Tea Tree Conditioner,
Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner,
***Aloe Vera Gel***
Simplicity is best, at least for my hair. I co-wash every two days or so with the BWC and use the AOHR as a rinse-out when I need moisture. On other days, I just water wash, and I use AV gel every day to style. I air-dry and don't brush or comb my hair.