Beeduh, your hair is looking so beautiful! It's so curly! Your hair is red/strawberry blonde? (I don't trust my monitor when it comes to color). That's always been my favorite hair color.

My local dew points have been "optimal" but my hair is dry as a bone. In these conditions I can use pretty heavy products without them getting tacky or heavy. The Creme brule moisturizes, but I need the Goddess Curls to help with definition and frizz. Creme brulee isn't as heavy as Coffee-Coco CC, yet it does feel "weightier" on my hair. I find that these Curls products aren't great for layering day after day, and my hair does best if it's at least rinsed before I reapply the Brule and/or gel. They are both terrific for definition, and they help keep my hair from clumping into big boingy things.

This paste is unusual, because it seems to liquify when I add a little water. It's not really a "heavy" product, if its diluted, but there's no way it would be possible for me to use it on lots of dry hair. I like to add weight to my curls, though, because I want my hair to look longer. When wet, the longest parts of my hair are about an inch or two below my shoulders. Today, before I added the Passion Fruit Paste (wet), my hair was hanging above my jawline. When I scrunch about a teaspoon of the paste in, because of the water, I think, my hair absorbs enough of it so that it doesn't just coat my hair. However, on my dry hair it's as sticky as honey. Stickiness can cause knots in my hair that have to be cut out, so I use the paste with lots of water.

Does your Target have SheaMoisture? I've tried only the refresher spray so far, and it's amazing. I almost bought the Smoothie yesterday, but I was worried about it being heavy.

Have you tried any of the Moroccanoil products? I'm curious as to what you think of them...
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