This should probably be its own thread...

My aunt gave them to me, and she bought them at a salon in Scottsdale AZ. I wasn't going to try them, because they have dimethicone, but after staring at the bottles for 2 months, I caved. I'm loving the Intense Curl Cream, which has just about the worst ingredients list possible for anyone who is trying to be CG. Everytime I've used this cream, I tell myself maybe the weather conditions are just perfect, maybe I used just the right amount of conditioner, maybe the moon is in the right phase...but I keep getting the same beautiful results.

I liked it so much I bought a product "inspired" by the Intense Curl Cream, called One N Only Argan Oil Curl Cream. It's okay, but it's not nearly as light, or curl defining as the Moroccanoil. The two creams have nearly identical ingredients (the One N Only has keratin), but my hair knows the difference. Clearly, I'm a little batty, because one day I tried one cream on my left side and the other on my right, and the right side (Moroccanoil) was perfect. The left side felt a little heavier, and slightly coated. I'm sure only I could notice the difference (even the fragrances are similar in both creams) but I swear there was a difference.

For the last few weeks, every time I wash my hair (1 - 2x weekly), I start out with basic CG products, and a clean conscience. And after a couple of days, I can't wait to put the Intense Curl Cream in my hair.

I'm curious to see how other manic-product-junkies feel about this product, probably because I've conditioned myself to believe it's going to hurt my hair. (Plus, it's $32.00 a bottle! That's a far cry from my Sally's club 15% off stash). That's why I'm calling it my "guilty pleasure". My hair thinks it's a super-sized hot fudge sundae.
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