I use it sometimes. It makes my hair feel really really light and fluffy. Now I kinda want to do it tonight!
I like it to do it after cowashing all the time or having a lot of product in my hair

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This is exactly how the Bobeam bentonite clay bars (Orange Cream) make my hair feel! Laquita came out with the bars just when I bought some bentonite clay and because the bars worked so well, I've never used my clay! Just seems like I can take the easy bar route, but I'll have to try it one day soon!

I have used Fullers Earth (Hesh brand Mutlani Matti) which is a type of bentonite on my face. Fantastic, instant results. I mixed it with milk because I have dry skin.
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I think it would be cool to have bentonite clay with an Orange cream thang going on. I'm just cheap so I buy like a pound of plain clay lol. I wana get some rhassoul clay next

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