I know you posted this a while ago so I hope you have sorted out your wardrobe, but if you are still looking for some tips I thought I could share some of my experience.

I have been gradually lost 70lbs through the past few years and still have some clothes from 30-40lbs ago too. It can be hard, but I definitely would say its best to get rid of everything that can't be modified with belts, ect. I'm glad you found a friend who could use your clothes, that's what I've done with some of mine that have gotten out of fit and it feels better knowing that at least your friend can continue to spread your awesome fashions!

I would also say that when you buy clothes, keep in mind that you may be changing sizes again soon so look for items that could be easily modified in the future to be smaller. One of my favorite items that seems to last through several size changes are jersey stretch dresses with empire waists. I have run through several sizes and because of the casual structure I can still wear them after continuing to lose. While I absolutely love structured clothing, I think it has been helpful for me to purchase items with more stretch and a little tighter so that they still fit as my body changes.

Hope everything's going well, and that this was somewhat helpful!
CG as of 19 April 2012

2c/3a botticelli
Low Porosity, Low Elasticity, Medium Density, Medium Texture

CO-wash: JASON Normalizing Tea Tree Conditioner (Silicone-free edition), Giovanni TTTT
Scalp Treatment: Alaffia Neem & Shea Scalp Recovery Conditioner, Brown Sugar, Jojoba, and Tea Tree once weekly
RO: L'Oreal Eversleek Intense Smoothing Conditioner
Gel: Aloe Vera Gel
Second day: Lavender mist & Aloe Vera Gel

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