Hi! I'm new to makeup. I have some eye shades and a couple lip glosses.both of those pics are of me with no makeup. My face is combination I think. By the end of the night my face is oily.
My questions are: what would be a good foundation color? Someone told me I have yellow undertones? I just want my face to look even and not oily by the time the night is over. And I don't want my face to be a different color than my neck lol!

Also what's the best way to do eye shadow when I want to use two colors? Like pink and gold for example. Everytime I try to use two my lids look overdone and under my eye brow looks weird. Also, as u might be able to tell from the ugly pic lol, my left eye is a little smaller than the other, are there any tips you have for applying makeup for that?
Thanks so much!
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Eta: scratch that, its my right eye that tends to look smaller. Esp when I smile
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