Right now, I'm glad that flared jeans are back. I like oxfords and slightly oversized jackets...I'm even loving the shoulder pads (nowadays the fit seems just right...I think they were overdone in the 80s). I'm also digging the long bohemian skirts. Considering the seasons are reveresed in the southern hemisphere, I've noticed many of my favourite colors seem to be everywhere (a nice autumn palette of buttery yellow, rusty orange, dark green and some lovely shades of red and blue too).

Overall, I think I suffered a lot through the 90's because shirts were too short and jeans cut too low, so I kept pulling my shirt down to cover my belly. I'm happier with fashion these days. I do like some of the grunge-inspired stuff that's making a comeback, but I approach it differently than I would have as a teenager back in the day.
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Since you mentioned autumn colors...lately I've been feeling impatient for fall/winter to arrive. I don't know if this is because I was born in November, but I love fall and winter. Those are my favorite seasons for clothes.

I have this gorgeous dark green top that I can only wear in cooler weather and I really want some autumnal-looking stuff although we're only in the month of May.